Ways To Prolong Sex

If you want to have mind-blowing sex, these foreplay tips are guaranteed to make things extra hot.

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Ways To Prolong Sex 93

It’s no fun for her (and embarrassing for you) when it all ends too early. So we got top sexologists to reveal the best secrets to prolong sex.

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Improve your sex life with these proven, research-backed tips and strategies. You’ll have more—and better—sex, starting tonight.

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Four ways to stay close, connected and passionately in love throughout your marriage. Is the shelf life for passion in a marriage only two years?

How to Improve Sexual Stamina. Everyone wants to be a better lover. For many, especially men, inability to offer one’s partner a lasting sexual experience is a source

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From cardio to kegels, here’s what to do in (and out of) bed to prolong the pleasure.

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How to Prolong Your Foreplay and Have the Best Sex EVER If you think “sex” refers only to intercourse, it’s time to reconsider what it means to score.

Our comprehensive list of tips, tactics, workouts, diet advice, and other secrets to instantly improve your sex life and make you a much, much healthier man

Many men consider lasting longer during intercourse as a sign of their sexual prowess and why not, after all it really enhances the sexual pleasure of their partner.

How to Prolong a Pregnancy With an Incompetent Cervix. A small percentage of pregnant women suffer from an incompetent cervix, leaving them at risk for

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